A New Digital Platform

A New Digital Platform

The way we share art has changed dramatically in the information age. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have allowed for a heightened level of accessibility, offering creatives the space to curate their own galleries and build a following. During lockdown, the importance of online platforms was amplified – allowing us to continue connecting with culture whilst museums were closed. Online exhibitions have become the new normal, offering viewing opportunities for global audiences.

These platforms have grown alongside a burgeoning art style: digital. A new generation of artists are using technology to create drawings and 3D renders, expanding the possibilities of creation. The results are endless: from hyperrealist images to imagined worlds. HUAWEI Themes is the latest outlet for digital makers, allowing them to adapt their work into the mobile format: animated lockscreens, wallpapers and personalised icons. The designs are available at peoples’ fingertips, merging the worlds of art and technology. Through HUAWEI Themes, drawings become interactive – unleashing their full potential. It asks the question: Could designing for mobile be the start of a new movement?

There is clearly a demand for these unique mobile layouts, which are available on all HUAWEI/HONOR devices. The service has millions of daily users, with over 8 million Themes downloaded in Europe each month. These layouts are a fresh way to bring mobile devices to life, for consumers to stand out and assert a sense of identity. Themes also offer artists a renewed sense of creative freedom, and a chance to share their work around the world.

Jönas Jödicke (Instagram: @jojoesart) recently joined HUAWEI Themes in April 2020. “As an artist, I have encountered many challenges in my life to expose my art in different ways. I was looking for a new digital platform with millions of users,” he says. “Therefore, I decided to partner with HUAWEI Themes on this exciting new service. It allows me to develop new creative ways of expressing my art, but also to reach out to a new type of audience – not only in Europe but also in Asia.”

HUAWEI Themes is launching a new integrated program for all digital artists in Europe by the end of the year. Find out more here.

Images courtesy Jönas Jödicke and HUAWEI.

Article as part of a partnership with Aesthetica.