A’ Design Award: Promotion and Recognition

A’ Design Competition was established to recognise the best design works internationally, with the primary aim to support global awareness and appreciation for brands in a diversity of practices and principles, encompassing all creative fields. The final objective of the Award is to push designers, companies and institutions worldwide to come up with superior products and projects that advance society. Entries to the competition are blind peer reviewed by an expert jury panel of experienced academics, prominent press members and experienced professionals.

Entering your work is an opportunity for design oriented brands to promote original work to millions of industry relevant audiences including buyers and editors. Laureates are invited to join in an exhibition, a yearly annual, an exclusive PR campaign, are invited to the black-tie gala-night and award ceremony and can subsequently use the award-winning design logo on marketing and communications. Find out more about the prizes involved: www.competition.adesignaward.com/design-prize.html

Every year innovation is awarded within a number of categories that include Spatial Design, Communication Design, Industrial Design, and more. The unabridged list of award categories is available online.

Some of the award-winning works have included: Illusion (full-Screen Redesign) by Adriana de Barros – Website and Web Design (2016) Banco by La Agencia – Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware (2016) Biologic by bioLogic team – Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth (2016) Reflexio by Estudi Ramon Carreté – Graphics and Visual Communication (2016) Spacious by Chia Hung-Yu – Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition (2016) Ideapad Y700 by Johnson Li – Digital and Electronic Devices (2016)  Uslon by Valery Griaznov and Katerina Semenko – Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (2016) Auer by Chih Chung Shen – Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition (2016) Milkyway by Limay Türkkan & Anıl Tontus – Lighting Products and Projects (2015) One Main by Raphael Crespin – Architecture, Building and Structure (2016).

Submissions are accepted until 28 February, including registering and entering your work. Results are announced on 15 April at the end of World Design Days. To register for the competition: www.competition.adesignaward.com

1. The Greja HouseSingle Family Residential House. Courtesy of A’ Design.