A Closer Look at the Work of Australian Artist Terence Burton

A Closer Look at the Work of Australian Artist Terence Burton

Australian artist, Terence Burton works exclusively with pencil on paper. His bold and unique style, that he likes to call Abstract, Mythological and Tribal, is heavily influenced by Australian aboriginal, American Indian and Islamic traditions. His contemporary influences that he notes include Wassilly Kandinsky, Vincent van Gogh, and Jackson Pollock. Currently, Terrence is working on producing a range of prints of his works to distribute to schools and healthcare facillities at minimal cost. We talk to him about his work in issue 64 Artist Directory.

A:You produce large scale abstract art, tell us more about the piece in the magazine, Brave Heart.
: Brave Heart was indeed a seven year epic of a journey. The emotional exuberance, the mental exaltation, the outburst of form and colour, arose from the abundance and vitality of life around me at the time.It is also a story of the the battle of ones life, to maintain and cherish that life in the face of most challenging adversity.

A:You produced this work over 7 years, what are your inspirations and influences?
TB: I am primaraly motivated to make art by social injustice.That one group of people dominates another by fear and injustice is to steal their unlimited potential to benefit mankind .Sociological and historical documentaries provide a not insignificant resource for stimulating the context of my work. I am indebted to the many brave journalists who venture where many fear to tread ,to bring stories that we may see first hand the reality of the world that we inhabit.

An eclectic collection of music keeps me focused on long periods of work.The work of Mozart,De Bussey, Grumiaux, remind me that making work that satisfies your highest ideal is a marathon , and not a sprint. Works by Cowboy Junkies, Leonard Cohen, and an endless list of contemporary rock poets, remind me that the passion and intensity in creating is a relentless, constant craving.I am motivated by people, I basically want to share a story with them.

A:How did you develop your style of working?
TB: From conception, to execution , to completion, starting with a blank page and no icon,only the raw emotional and intellectual impetus for the work is a challenging task. Only through dogged perseverance is a work completed. That this visually beautiful form can depict complex experiences, both personal and universal, at times astounds me. That themes of love,sorrow, compassion, steadfastness, yearning and every secret that I have ever known can not only be articulated, but explode onto a very unassuming sheet of paper is an exillerating exercise.

A:Where do you see your work going in the future?
TB: I shall be working at a more leisurely pace over the next few years. I have four pieces in the planning stages but will take my time as I would like to concentrate on organising exhibitions and working with community groups to bring art to people who would not generally attend a gallery.The last three pieces that I completed were both physically and emotionally demanding,so a little rest and recuperation is on the agenda. I am looking forward to my next works revealing themselves!

A range of high quality Giclee prints are being planned to exhibit at regional art galleries. and the artist is also working on short narratives to accompany each piece. Works can be viewed at www.paintingsilove.com>terence burton and he can be contacted at terenceburtonartist@outlook.com. To see his listing in the Artists’ Directory in Aesthetica Magazine issue 64 pick up a copy at www.aestheticamagazine.com

1.Brave Heart. Courtest of the Artist
2.Heart of Darkness. Courtest of the Artist
3. Kite. Courtest of the Artist