Eve Kann: Hainsworth Statement Award Winner, New Designers 2015

A W Hainsworth is a long established textile company, internationally renowned for manufacturing woollen fabrics, and integrating the traditional qualities of craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation. The Hainsworth Statement Award is given in recognition of outstanding creativity and originality for textile development and finish. At the New Designers 2015 show they were particularly impressed with the level of process and innovation used by designer and Nottingham Trent University graduate Eve Kann in her imposing  costume model based on Queen Herodias from the opera Salome.

The journey Eve took in arriving at her final design was not one she could have predicted, as she explained:

“I wanted to use a fantastic silk fabric I had seen in London but when I got to the shop I realised I couldn’t afford it, so I decided to go for a cheaper version and I started to experiment with it. I developed a lot of the accessories and the details from charity shops, I even used parts of an old lampshade to complete the look.

I really enjoyed the process and learnt a lot too. I hadn’t made a wig before but received a lot of help from one of the technicians at NTU who is a trained milliner and really helped me to develop the look I needed. The course has really pushed me and made me think about going in new directions. When I first started I thought I wanted to go into design for film and TV, but now I’m considering opera design. Wherever I go next, I’m really going to miss Nottingham and NTU.”

Explore Nottingham Trent University courses at www.ntu.ac.uk, for more of Eve Kann’s work, visit evekann.wix.com/evekann.

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1. Queen Herodias, 2015. Courtesy of Eve Kann and Nottingham Trent University.