Regeneration, The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Regeneration, The Photographers' Gallery, London

Print Sales at The Photographers’ Gallery currently represents thirty-five photographers. Every year the space stages five selling exhibitions to highlight the work of its represented photographers and all profits then go back into the public programme at the gallery. This year the exhibition is Regeneration, a show that explores and investigates practices used by artists to transform the photograph. It features the work of several artists new to the Print Sales roster alongside more established names; all the artists involved share an interest in the sculptural potential of the photographic print and have employed collage, embroidery, painting or other methods to manipulate the final image.

Artists include Tom Butler, who presents a series of 19th century portraits render anonymous by Butler’s detailed gouache painting; Julie Cockburn, who transforms discarded 20th century studio shots into bright, contemporary works of art. The artists represented are a mixture of British and international talent. Some work with found images, such as Virginia Echeverria who creates “analogue collages”, and others manipulate their own photographers.

Holly Roberts mixes fragments of her own images with paintings and drawings to create illustrations of human dramas around loss and identity. Gerald Slota works with both found images and his personal photographic archive, cutting, scratching and writing on the photographs. The resulting images seemingly possess a menacing quality as elements of the subjects’ identities are erased.

Print Sales at The Photographers’ Gallery is committed to offering expert advice to a new generation of collectors as well as major buyers, corporate collections and public institutions. It strives to provide opportunities for supporting and promoting emerging photographic talent alongside more established names. Print Sales currently represents thirty-five photographers and offers British and international, modern and vintage work for sale. In addition to these Print Sales also offers rare buying opportunities through its scheme of Gallery Editions in which world renowned photographers and artists donate a limited edition print of their work to help support the Gallery.

Regeneration, until 6 July, The Photographers’ Gallery, London


1. Virginia Echeverria, Untitled, (2013) Courtsey of The Photographers’ Gallery, London