10 to See: Degree Shows

10 to See: Degree Shows

Looking to the future of art and design, this year’s season of Degree Shows highlight the next generation of talent through a range of time-honoured and innovative media. In a fast-developing visual and digital world, graduates offer unique, forward-thinking perspectives on a globalised landscape.

Glasgow School of Art

Running concurrently with MFA Degree Show at The Glue Factory, the annual undergraduate collection features work from students across Glasgow’s School of Design, School of Fine Art, Innovation School and the Mackintosh School of Architecture. Providing viewpoints across a range of disciplines, the exhibition offers inspirational works from the leading institution. Until 8 June.


Bringing together three years of critical Fine Art practice into one showcase, this year’s BA Fine Art exhibition visualises Goldsmith’s commitment to exploring, questioning and reshaping the wider world. Offering new perspectives on the contemporary society, the exhibition promises to inspire thoughtful, imaginative engagement. From 14 June.

Leeds Arts University

Celebrating its first year as a university, the institution’s buildings are transformed into large-scale exhibition spaces. Leeds Arts University Show 2018 offers a wide platform for the celebration of visual culture. Visitors are offered the opportunity to purchase prints, cards, stationery and artwork from the accompanying Art Market. Until 14 June.

London College of Communication

Featuring work from LCC’s Design and Screen schools, the Degree Shows 2018 demonstrate a wealth of contemporary approaches. Courses foregrounded range from Information & Interface Design to Illustration and Visual Media, Sound Arts & Design to Contextual and Theoretical Studies, offering viewers a 360-degree insight into the industry. From 21 June.

Manchester School of Art

Manchester School of Art brings together 1000 graduating students working across architecture, art, design and media. Collaboration is at the heart of the institution’s ethos, and with projects ranging from ceramics to sculpture, fashion to filmmaking, and textiles to typography, the degree show emphasises this ideology. From 9 June.

Newcastle University

Offering a nuanced approach, Newcastle University’s Fine Art Degree Show showcases the work of 64 students, 14 of whom are exhibiting at the Hatton Gallery. Comprising painting, sculpture, print, performance, text and installation, the collection demonstrates the institution’s dedication to a vibrant, cutting-edge approach. Until 16 June. The London show will be at Copeland Park, Peckham, from 29 June.

Norwich University of the Arts

Celebrating over 170 years of championing creativity, Norwich University of the Arts showcases talent across a range of disciplines. Foregrounding the breadth of contemporary practice, the selection foregrounds techniques from painting and illustration to ground-breaking developments in VFX and video game technology. From 26 June.

Nottingham Trent University

This year’s Art and Design Summer Show (until 10 June) has transformed the city into a cultural arena. Taking place in diverse venues across Nottingham, the shows unite the imaginations of over 1,300 final year students. Photography festival Off The Screen (until 8 June) explores identity, fashion, landscape and moving image.

Plymouth College of Art

Spanning three buildings, four floors and over 20 exhibition spaces, Plymouth College of Art’s 2018 presentation offers a wide arena for innovative practitioners who are pushing the boundaries of their medium. Exploring new horizons, the exhibition offers an eclectic mix of media including 3D printing, photography, installation, fashion design, game arts and ceramics. From 8 June.

Royal College of Art

Show 2018 takes place across a variety of internal and external venues across London. Bringing together pieces by over 800 students, the exposition offers solutions to key global problems whilst showcasing a commitment to quality, imagination and technical skill. Comprising painting, prints, glassware, jewellery, furniture and textiles, it is a hive of creativity. From 23 June.

1. Image: Gian-franco Castagna. © 2018 – NTU Off the Screen.