10 Photographers from the Aesthetica Art Prize

Ahead of our call for entries closing this month, we foreground a selection of visually compelling and thought-provoking photographers from 10 finalists.

1) Judith Jones, Rendezvous

In her Twilight series, Jones evokes the dialogue between outside and inside, evoking thoughts of exclusion and isolation and returning to the theme of human frailty.

2)  Alinka Echeverria, Anthem

Echeverria aims to counter the depiction of the African continent and its inhabitants as embodying “otherness”, through a process of collaboration.

3)  Lottie Davies, Waterloo Station

Davies collects stories remembered from couples in long-standing relationships, as to how each met the other, asking them to write down their memories.

4)  Reginald Van de Velde, Memento Mori

Van de Velde’s photographs aim to preserve memories; even when there is no one left to recall them. Memento Mori is a story about the fragility of life.

5)  Ellen Jantzen, A Resonant Chill

Approaching photography as an art form, Jantzen is interested in states of reality, attempting to make visual the ephemeral nature of sacred, spiritual realms.

6)  Nicolas K Feldmeyer, After All 2

The After All project is a series of photorealistic computer-generated landscape images, examining the ‘elsewhere’ spaces, which the viewer longs for, but can never reach.

7)  Joachim Hildebrand, Wild West

Hildebrand’s photobook, Wild West, investigates the mythic nature of the region by looking closely at the built environment, urban structures and architecture.

8)  Ellie Davies, Stars

Stars explores Davies’ desire to find some balance between a relationship with the wild places of the artist’s youth and a pervasive sense of disconnection.

9)  Suzanne Mooney, Come away, O’

Come away, O’… explores city-view observatories in Tokyo and considers the importance of the act of viewing the city from above to the urbanite.

10)  Suzanne Moxhay, Copse

The imagined space of Copse is developed by combining fragments of collected imagery, ranging from photographs and prints in old magazines to painted elements.

Entries for the Aesthetica Art Prize are currently open. Categories include: Photographic & Digital Art; Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture; Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media; and Video Installation & Performance. There are two awards for entry: the Main Art Prize and the Emerging Art Prize. Prizes include £5,000, group exhibition and publication in an inspiring anthology. Click here to find out more.

1. All images courtesy of the artists.