10 Degree Shows to See

With an influx of art students leaving University over the summer, Aesthetica has pin-pointed the top 10 degree shows to attend in order to keep up to speed with the new emerging talent of the art world. Our fail-safe guide will allow you to establish the presentations you wish to visit, with a detailed breakdown of the content of each exhibition. There are also further articles to look out for helping you get to know the graduates with a selection of interviews, learning about their practices and also asking in depth questions about the various courses they study and the benefits of their particular university.

1. Cleveland College of Art and Design, Hartlepool, 5-13 June, www.ccad.ac.uk
A stalwart of the northern art scene, Cleveland College of Art and Design prides itself on the ability to offer students a wide range of disciplines and material practices, whilst at the same time giving them a tailored learning experience of technically and contextually supported art-making. As may be expected with such a wide variety of opportunity, the work presented is engaging, varied and multi-faceted. With degree shows ranging from Creative Film & Moving Image to Contemporary Textile Products, there is something to suit every attendee.

2. Leeds College of Art, 13-18 June, www.leeds-art.ac.uk
Going Going Gone is the apt title of the Leeds College of Art Degree show, which is being presented at both the college’s Blenheim Walk and Vernon Street sites. The large exhibition spaces will be brought to life with giant sculptures, paintings, prints, textiles, design, animation, photography, advertising and fashion, creating a playful and interactive space to showcase the latest creative talent. As well as presenting the exhibition, students will also be selling their own prints and art works at The Art Market at the Blenheim Walk site.

3. Central St Martins, London, 24-28 June, http://events.arts.ac.uk
Show Two comes to life on the 24 June at Central St Martins, playing host to a multitude of pieces created by the students of various creative courses. Ceramics, drama and performance, jewellery, textiles and fashion will all play their part in creating a multi-faceted and dynamic exhibition. The cutting edge nature of the work continues the tradition of St Martins standing as dynamic figures in the art world, continuously pushing boundaries and helping students to stray beyond the usual limitations of their practice.

4. Newcastle University, 23-28 June, www.ncldegreeshow2015.co.uk
Painters, printmakers, sculptors, video artists and performance artists come together to celebrate the culmination of four years of work in this exhibition. Comprising of 57 artists, the exhibition at Newcastle is always a sensory delight, with the sheer depth and variety of the work helping a wide variety of audiences engage with the pieces. The exhibition takes on an archival approach to display, creating a contemporary environment for the visitor to navigate.

5. Central School of Speech and Drama, London, 24 June,  www.cssd.ac.uk
The Performance Practice as Research course at Central is designed for the auteur, working across several disciplinary boundaries to explore unchartered territory and push the limits of established practice. The boundaries of performance are pushed and new ways of thinking about and creating the practice are established. On the 24 June, the MA and MFA students will host, run and perform at the Brink Festival. The evening offers a chance to become accustomed with the course itself and to witness the showcase of an emerging performance.

6. London College of Communications, 19-27 June, www.arts.ac.uk/lcc
Celebrating the work of the students from the School of Design, this exhibition boasts a vast variety of media in which work is presented and explored. Animation, illustration, interiors, games design and book art are all interrogated and examined, providing an exciting and varied experience for the visitor. Presented with precision execution from a range of students, this show will appeal to anyone with an eye for detail.

7. London Metropolitan University, 11 – 24 June, www.thecass.com
As the only photography studio in the Fine Art department, Studio 5: Photography, Fantasy and Memory stands out as a must see in the London Metropolitan summer show. The studio work examines the concept of using photography as a self-portrait, helping to cement, prompt and rediscover memories that have been lost or forgotten. Students investigate contemporary issues and the connection between making and meaning, the ‘fantasy’ of the new reality created by the artist.

8. University of Westminster, 11-14 June, www.westminster.ac.uk
The University of Westminster presents OPEN 2015 as a part of the London Festival of Architecture, featuring work by the BA and MA Architecture students. This annual celebration of student work reveals a plethora of talent, and pays special attention to the structure of London. The architectural future of the city is questioned and anticipated, the students querying what their role may be in the future development of our capital. This exhibition reveals the extensive variety and rich diversity of the architects of the future.

9. Glasgow School of Art, 13 June – 20 June, www.gsa.ac.uk
The Schools of Fine Art, Architecture and Design will be contributing work to the Glasgow School of Art degree show, cultivating a captivating and varied experience for those who attend. In the spirit of making the viewer part of the artistry, opportunities to screen print a tote bag will be offered to those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Glasgow School of Art has a long tradition of creating and shaping unique and fantastic artists and this show is not to be missed.

10. Royal College of Art, London, 25 June – 5 July, www.rca.ac.uk
The succinctly titled Show opens on the 25 June across the Royal College of Art’s two campuses in Battersea and Kensington. The exhibition promises a high standard of work from 575 students who have studied on the MA programmes, encompassing all manner of art; from painting and glass ware to jewellery and textiles. The technical and artistic skills serve as a strong suite across this event, with opportunities presented for visitors to purchase or commission work from the artists.

1. Image courtesy of Leeds College of Art
2. Be everyone’s favourite Girl! performance, Maria Abbott. Image courtesy of Newcastle Fine Art Degree Show.
3. Image courtesy of Performance Practice as Research at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama at Brink Festival.
4. Lisa Borno, Studio 5 Photography, Memory and Fantasy, Fine Art.