YSP: New Methodologies

YSP: New Methodologies

Having celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, located in the dramatic and beautiful north Yorkshire countryside, has always been innovative in its approach to sculptural installation and experiential design. To continue this forward-thinking take on interactivity, they are inviting visitors to download Sculpture Cam, a brand-new web app designed to expand their digital offering and give people a new way to experience the artworks on display.

Commissioned by The Space, which is supported by the BBC and Arts Council England, the app uses 3D creative technology in an outdoor environment, which allows the works to come to life by being viewed and interacted with from every angle. This development builds on information gathered by audience research at the institution that picked up on the sheer volume of images that were being captured at the Park and then disseminated on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Fiona Morris, Chief Executive and Creative Director of The Space, said: “We are delighted to have been supportive in the development of this app. By putting 3D technologies in the hands of anyone with a smartphone, we are widening access and participation to both the arts and new technologies.”

Made in collaboration with Studio Moniker, an Amsterdam based interactive design studio engaged with the social effects of technology, the concept makes use of photogrammetry, which functions by making measurements from photographs. By making 3D scans of 10 of the works around the Park, 120 silhouettes are then created, which form a 360-degree rotation. Visitors are then invited to go to sculpture.cam on their phone or tablet where they can hunt for the pieces using a GPS system. These include famous creations by the likes of Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Lynn Chadwick, Anthony Caro and Sophie Ryder.

Peter Murray CBE, Founding and Executive Director of Yorkshire Sculpture Park, said: “This is a collaborative project which celebrates the photography made by our visitors, and the diversity of quality, colour and other effects that mobile phones can generate. The same artwork can be captured by different people in changing light, weather and seasons.”

Celia Graham-Dixon

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1. Sculpture and Artwork by Tony Cragg. Photography Copyright Catherine Oughtibridge 2017. All rights reserved.