Visual Writing Prompts

Visual Writing Prompts

Aesthetica selects five images to inspire your poetry and short fiction. Taken from the April / May Issue, these photographs are ideal writing prompts – spanning from dreamlike coastlines to neon streets. The finished work will make an ideal entry to the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award.

Gabriel Isak, The Flight.

Gabriel Isak’s photographs dig into the subconscious through dreamscapes that are rich in symbolism. The Flight depicts an anonymous figure on a beach – tousled hair and a bird flying into the air. Ask yourself: Who is the figure on the shore? Is the crow real or imagined? What happens next?

Liam Wong, Night City

Liam Wong’s photographs of Tokyo are deeply influenced by the visual identities of video games, utilising vibrant colours, open landscapes and cyberpunk imagery. They pose questions such as: is this scene taking place in the virtual world? What is happening inside the glowing buildings?

Romain Laprade

The golden hour opens and closes the day. Rays of sunlight pour through the atmosphere. Romain Laprade captures rolling hills, angular buildings and languid portraits. Ideas to explore include: Who are the couple? How did they get onto the roof? How does this time of day feel against their skin?

Michael Oliver Love, Red Hands in the Sky.

Michael Oliver Love’s images provide an outburst of colour, texture and energy. They are a celebration of movement and community. Each composition demonstrates simplicity, favouring primary colours and symmetry. The group are looking down at something. What is it?

Gabriel Isak, Duality.

This image depicts two people within a Black Mirror-esque room. A bright white screen glows in the darkness. How did they come to be here? What lies beyond the frame? Does the ball hold significance? This image allows a multitude of interpretations – taking readers into a dystopian arena.

Feeling inspired? Submit your finished poem or short story to the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award. Find our more here.