The Dead of Night: William Eckersley: Dark City at VEGAS Gallery, London

In our December/January 2011 issue “Locating Identity” we previewed photographer William Eckersley’s book Dark City. Eckersley’s vision of nocturnal London dissembles the conventional imagery of built environments where lost opportunities and chances not taken, abandoned housing estates and neon-lit corner shops reign. Eckersley, as his book reaffirms, is a photographer with a different perspective. Early next month, viewers will have the opportunity to witness Dark City in the gallery setting at VEGAS, London. There’s something about this series that we just love; the use of various light forms and eerily unpopulated locations that work together to create a vision of a city that is scarcely even recognisable as the London we identify with.

William Eckersley: Dark City, 06/07/2012 until 18/08/2012, VEGAS Gallery, 274 Poyser Street, London, E2 9RF.

Buy Dark City from Stucco here.

All images courtesy the artist