VIP Photo

The world’s first online art fair is back with a new edition, VIP Photo. Back in January 2011, the launch of VIP Art Fair was overshadowed by some technical problems which made it impossible for people to actually buy any work. The decision to launch a new strand with VIP Photo is brave and commendable considering the quality of the work on sale. VIP Photo aims to represent a dynamic selection of photography reflecting the best in modern and contemporary art from the world’s leading galleries. Galleries as diverse as Brancolini Grimaldi, London and Peter Fetterman, Los Angeles will show works from internationally renowned photographers such as Man Ray and Massimo Vitali. The full programme includes the premiere of new video work by Mexican artist Emilio Valdés and a never-before-seen collection of 160 signed photographs by Henri Cartier Bresson, the largest private collection aside from the one at Fondation Cartier Bresson, Paris.

VIP Photo, 12 July – 12 August 2011,

1. Sage Sohier Adam S. Making a Scale Model of Peterborough, NH (2005)
Courtesy of Foley Gallery, New York
2. Massimo Vitali Las Catedrales Waves (2011)
Copyright Massimo Vitali
Courtesy Brancolini Grimaldi
3. Michael Wolf Transparent City #85 (2007/2008)
Courtesy of the artist and Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco
4.Peter Fraser Untitled (2008 – 2011)
Copyright Peter Fraser
Courtesy Brancolini Grimaldi
5. David Alan Harvey Trinidad (1998)
Courtesy of Magnum Photos, Paris