United Visual Artists: Momentum at The Barbican

Running until the 1 June, The Barbican presents Momentum in conjunction with United Visual Artists. Housed in the curved gallery, this all-encompassing exhibition uses light, movement and sound to create an immersive experience for the viewer.

Created by pendulums suspended from the ceiling that create light and sound as they swing, this experience aims to transport the viewer though this tunnel of scientific and mechanical technology. Each pendulum has a unique sound that is used to guide the listener through the space. Made from steel and aluminium, the pendulums move to create stunning light installations that are different for each person as the patterns differ as the viewer walks through the space. Depending on how fast the viewer walks, the experience will be altered each time with visitors invited to spend as much time in the gallery as they like to experience the whole breadth of the work.

Momentum was created for the Barbican by UVA. This London based group, uses elements of sculpture, installation, live performance, and architecture to transform spaces. They aim to challenge the relationship between man and technology and develop work that alters the perception space and reality. Their projects are technology based but as this exhibition shows, create otherworldly experiences.

For more information about the gallery and UVA please go to: www.barbican.org.uk

1. Courtesy of YouTube and UVA