Two Days To Go: Future Now Symposium, The Value of Art, Design Advancements and Gallery Relationships

Two Days To Go: Future Now Symposium, The Value of Art, Design Advancements and Gallery Relationships

Future Now: The Aesthetica Art Prize Symposium is an opportunity for artists and those working in the creative sector to network, discuss best practice and build new collaborations. Tackling themes in today’s artistic climate through lectures, portfolio reviews and panel discussions, the inaugural event focuses on the arts ecosystem within a broader social context.

Day Two, taking place on 27 May at York St John University, features a selection of engaging lectures and panel sessions that examine the world of art and culture from a range of perspectives. From conversations about the endurance of print in the digital age and innovations in new design technologies, to discussions on the value of art  in today’s commodity driven society, Future Now invites audiences to consider contemporary practices in the present day. Here’s our final line-up of sessions for the 2016 programme:

Session 10: The Permanence of Print: Part II
13:00 – 14:15, 27 May, De Grey 125

The digital age has rocked publishing worldwide – magazines have come and gone, while newspapers have seen a steady decline in circulation since 2007, with one national paper ceasing print in March 2016. With 5G just around the corner and nearly everyone glued to their iPhones, what is the future for independent publishing and the art press at large? How will it survive the changing times? Speakers include Julia Michalska, The Art Newspaper; Lee Taylor, Flux; Susanna Davies-Crook, Journalist & Contributing Editor, Dazed & Confused, Sleek, and Thisistomorrow; and Kate Simpson, Aesthetica. Chaired by Jenny Kean, Head of Programme, Media Production, York St John University.

Session 11: Defining the Value of Art: Economic and Societal Impact
15:15 – 16:30, 27 May, De Grey Lecture Theatre

Rosie Cooper, Head of Programmes at Liverpool Biennial will speak about the value of art in today’s commodity driven society, and its profound role in promoting a healthy creative economy and society. The Biennial will be surveyed as a case study in connection with recent developments in the city. £20.7 million was generated for Liverpool in 2014 and 877,000 visitors came to the city to see art from across the world, with the Biennial taking place in public spaces and galleries. What can we learn from this outstanding example of a major international art event and its impact on a place?

Session 12: Innovation in the Making: Technological and Design Advancements
16:30 – 17:45, 27 May, De Grey 125

David Freer and John O’Shea will discuss the evolution of contemporary practices and analyse the increase in digital art works as technology becomes more accessible, more powerful and readily available. As the materials are changing and artists are producing works that reflect the current state of play, the line between fine art and media is becoming even more blurred. Speakers include David Freer, O Street / External Creative Consultant, Institute of Design Innovation, Glasgow School of Art and John O’Shea, Senior Exhibitions Manager, National Media Museum. Hosted by Warren Fearn, Head of Programme BA Design, York St John University.

Session 13: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Public and Private Galleries
16:45 – 18:00, 27 May, De Grey Lecture Theatre

This panel will identify the key differences between private and public galleries, and how they both compete and work together to build a healthy, diverse art market. This relationship is key in terms of how both institutions are fundamental in building artists’ careers. Speakers include Sophie Hall, Director, Flowers Gallery; Agnieszka Prendota, Creative Director, Arusha Gallery; Kirstie Hamilton, Head of Exhibitions and Display, Museums Sheffield; Stephanie Bush, Programme and Production Manager, Zabludowicz Collection; and Dr Steven Gartside, Curator and Research Fellow, Holden Gallery. Chaired by Dr James Boaden, Lecturer, History of Art, University of York.

Future Now: The Aesthetica Art Prize Symposium, 26-27 May, De Grey Court, York St John University.

One-Day and Two-Day Passes are available. Passes permit access to up to four sessions a day. Book your Pass and sessions here:

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1. Attilio Fiumarella. Longlisted artist in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016. Courtesy of the artist.