The Other Art Fair, London

The Other Art Fair, London

The UK’s leading artist-led fair returns to Ambika P3 this April for its sixth edition. The Other Art Fair runs 24 – 27 April and will feature work by 100 of the best, unrepresented artists coupled with a dynamic program of talks, workshops and events. With a growing number of art fairs in London, The Other Art Fair stands as a unique but inclusive experience which appeals to both art experts and novices. The event allows visitors to interact directly with the artists, learning about their practice and the thoughts behind the works.

The Other Art Fair runs twice a year and has an increasing number of artist applications and visitors. Providing artists with a platform to sell and communicate directly with their audience, the fair also offers the opportunity for them to develop connections with creative professionals and find inspiration or collaborations with other artists. The forthcoming edition of the event follows on from the unprecedented success achieved at the fair’s fifth inauguration in October 2013, during which there were over 12,000 visitors and attendees from major London galleries, such as Lisson, Christies and Alan Cristea.

Guests to the April edition will be invited to take part in a number of activities, including sections dedicated to live performance, food, drink, workshops, taxidermy, kids events and more. Continuing from the success seen at previous editions, the fair will present a series of performances including live acoustic music, a DJ and a theatre group to greet visitors upon arrival. For the talks and workshops The Other Art Fair has partnered with leading London cultural organisations to present a variety of insightful lectures, curated walks and interactive workshops. Meanwhile, Photo 21, will showcase the work of 21 of the most talented photographers from around the globe, celebrating a diverse range of practitioners.

The Other Art Fair also presents a number of activities specifically for artists. The event is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and finding additional ways of helping each artist fulfil their potential. As part of the prefair support package, all exhibitors are offered pre-fair workshops, lectures and a space on the online shop. The fair gives the participants the chance to firmly establish their career as an artist, either through gaining new skills in the masterclasses or meeting new audiences.

The Other Art Fair, 24 – 27 April, Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS.

1. Dancer: Karolina, Cody Choi. Image courtesy of The Other Art Fair and the artist.