The Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 Countdown: 16 Days to Go – Installation

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 Countdown: 16 Days to Go - Installation

Artists working in all media at any stage in their career are invited to enter the Aesthetica Art Prize, which remains open for entries until 31 August. In the countdown to the end of the month, we highlight one of 2015’s longlisted artists, Noémie Goudal whose HD digital film Diver (2014) was selected for publication in Future Now.

Presenting spaces that are deliberately ambiguous and invite interpretation, Goudal’s practice is an investigation into the photograph as a dialectical image. She investigates close proximities of truth and fiction, real and imagined, fluid and concrete to create a “constellation of past and present” that offers new perspectives into the photographic canvas.

Goudal explores the potential of the image as a whole, reconstructing its layers and possibilities of extension. Whether made to be viewed as large-scale prints that absorb us into the frame, through glass panels, as painstakingly constructed stereoscopic slides, or as large-scale projections, the concept of directing the gaze is manifest in the formal qualities of her work.

Diver continues to explore the fine line between reality and fiction, featuring ambiguous repetitive performances in over-scale landscapes. This ceaseless performance from earth to sky both represent humankind’s spiritual aspiration for infinity.

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1. Noémie Goudal, Diver, 2014. HD digital film. Courtesy the artist.