Saraceno: Future Cities

Saraceno: Future Cities

Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno (b. 1973) is known for examining the crossroads of art, science and architecture. The research-based works respond to global questions posed by the Anthropocene, offering timely environmental dialogues whilst promoting an interconnected culture. The fourth edition of Cartes Blanches at Palais de Tokyo, Paris – entitled On Air – brings together a selection of major works alongside new productions, offering a unique multisensory arena.

Occupying 13000 m², the monumental presentation creates a polyphony of sounds and movements, exploring the interdependency between beings of all sizes. Expanding the limits of space by revealing a world beyond perception, the experiential work exposes the intricacies of life through human, microscopic and cosmic phenomena.

A focus on communality lies at the core of Saraceno’s work, which reveals links between the smallest and largest ecosystems. Examples include the Aerocene project, a group initiative that proposes a new epoch. Offering visions of a fuel and emissions-free world, the resulting solar sculptures fly at liberty using only the sun for power. The interdisciplinary endeavour brings together visionaries across a multiplicity of industries, spreading ecological awareness whilst building communities.

Forming a partnership between scientists, researchers, activists, philosophers and visitors, Palais de Tokyo’s show celebrates ideas of group achievement, highlighting future modes of existence through conceptually and visually rich installations. Bringing the resonances between beings into focus, the collection provides a harmonious, optimistic and often otherworldly experience.

From 17 October. Find out more here. 

1. Tomás Saraceno: Stillness in Motion — Cloud Cities, 2016 (installation view, SFMOMA); photo: © Studio Tomás Saraceno
2. The Aerocene Project. Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, © 2015
3. Tomás Saraceno, Solar Bell.