Richard Wentworth, Lisson Gallery, London

Richard Wentworth, Lisson Gallery, London

New British Sculptor Richard Wentworth presents an exhibition at the Lisson Gallery, London, from 30 January until 9 March. His seventh solo exhibition with Lisson Gallery, Wentworth continually challenges the way we approach the material world. His artistic language questions the way in which objects are used and experienced in everyday life. Often working with found items, the sculptor transforms and manipulates them into arrangements that change their intended use and, as such, undermine their supposed role and “fixed” nature.

On approaching the works, the viewers are encouraged to acknowledge the agency of the object and the dialectic relationship that exists between man and things. Included in the exhibition is the ambitious site-specific installation, A Room Full of Lovers (2013), which was informed by Gaudi’s calculations for the structure of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. Consisting of a steel chain anchored high above and falling in catenaries across the gallery space, the work explores the role of gravity and the expectations surrounding artists’ tools.

Along with the installation, a new series of photographs will be exhibited. These works examine everyday objects, geometries and uncanny situations, as Wentworth casts light on the uneasy qualities of the mundane. Meanwhile, the artist also unveils a significant public project, Black Maria, on 13 February turning the King’s Cross site into a destination for discovering international contemporary art. The second commission in the King’s Cross series, Black Maria, is a structure that acts as a place of meeting, based around discussion, performance and moving images. Combined, these various artistic presentations represent Wentworth’s dynamic practice and his approach to materials.

Richard Wentworth, 30 January until 9 March, Lisson Gallery, 52-54 Bell Street, London, NW1 5DA.

All images courtesy of the Lisson Gallery and Richard Wentworth.