Yen-Hsu Chou

Forests, streets and ruins are not, typically, considered to be traditional settings for classical music. Yet, Yen-Hsu Chou plays cello in all of these spaces, bringing performance to unassuming locations where it doesn’t normally belong. Yen-Hsu Chou makes soundscapes in an array of environments, with no accompaniment, audience or stage. These experiment with different biospheres, melodies and outfits. The goal: to examine how human beings might survive in different scenarios. Audio, humour and scenery coalesce in Bird’s Summoner, as erratic sounds reflect the range of intense feelings that people experience throughout their lives. | @yan__xu

Image Credit: Yen-Hsu Chou, Bird’s Summoner, (2022). Single-channel video. 2 min, 24 sec.