Xanthe Hutchinson

Xanthe Hutchinson’s practice centres on notions of visibility and change, with a particular focus on trans embodiment and adolescence. “The construct of gender is often determined by what is visible,” the photographer notes. “My work is a conceit for the way in which the trans body acts in opposition to this trope and, moreover, as a site of cultural resistance.” In collaboration with her own trans son, amongst others, Hutchinson’s works, including Lee Bleaching His Hair, Kick/Cut and A Waxing Moon, visually unpick the idea of transition. The result is a powerful series of images that challenges society’s often narrow perceptions.

xanthehutchinson.com | @xanthephoto

Image: Xanthe Hutchinson, Lee Bleaching His Hair, (2020). 15.2cm x 17.8cm.