Verena Bachl

Verena Bachl is a Berlin-based artist. Inspired by experimental methods within contemporary art, natural sciences and engineering, her work can be seen as ongoing research which oscillates between these fields. 

Whilst searching for new ways of materialising knowledge and experimenting with aesthetic and phenomenological effects, she creates light objects, sculptures and spatial installations. 

One of her latest projects is Wave Fragment – a kinetic light sculpture that displays wind-related flow fields by the reflection of light; it is inspired by the continuous movement of water. The work was exhibited inter alia at the Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery.

Bachl is currently working on a new series All Colours Depend on Light, a spectral analysis of light that includes autobiographical elements. 

“As a consequence of entering the Anthropocene and its manifold prophecies, I try to overcome the invention of the dualism of nature and culture by connecting them. In search of these connections, I create moments of autopoiesis, a stage in which a complex system is capable of maintaining itself and its surrounding in a continuous dynamic.”