Tom Foulsham

Tom Foulsham is fascinated by ideas and concepts that are just out of reach. He seeks to connect
with, interpret and take these understandings to their extremes – until they fall apart and reveal something else. B♭Minor Arrangement for 3 Musicians and 1300m is one such example, staging three trumpeters in boats across the wide expanse of the River Thames, London. Separations in time
are created by differences in space. The trumpeters drift away, the chord slips apart, transforming
into rolling rhythms that flow back to the audience at the shore. The performance piece premiered at The London Contemporary Music Festival in 2022. | @the_tomhgf

Image Credit: Tom Foulsham, B ♭ Minor Arrangement for 3 Musicians and 1300 Meters, (2022). Performance. 22 min.