Till Rückwart

Salty Glitches analyses the poetic power of errors through representations of satellite imagery. In this series, colourful and abstract glitches bring attention to lithium mines in Chile’s Atacama Desert
and the Caucharí-Olaroz project in Argentina. By scanning QR codes coupled with the photographs,
viewers can encounter the glitches on their smartphones. In doing so, they will also be tracing the origin of their device’s lithium batteries. Till Rückwart is building an archive of what the artist calls “dysfunctional images” – pictures that present speculative ways of thinking about technology, its impact on the planet and our notions of reality.

tillrueckwart.com | @tillrueckwart

Image: Till Rückwart, Orbital Mirage 76°03’49.8″N 61°43’21.8″E(detail), (2022). Archival pigment print. 110cm x 200 cm.