Theresa Schubert

Theresa Schubert questions anthropocentrism, facilitating sensory experiences that investigate
ecology. She says, “At the beginning of this project, we tried to imagine how it could look or sound if non-neuronal beings like plants or algae were able to dream.” Hylē exists between alchemy and science fiction. The multi-channel video environment, developed with Ivan Taranin, is created from 3D laser scans of a forest and the inside of a server farm, with an algae sculpture at its centre. The plant’s real time signals influence projections onscreen. Audiences are invited to interact with Hylē, breathing CO2 into a funnel that feeds the algae. | @studiotheresaschubert

Credit Image: Theresa Schubert, Hylē, (2022). Bio-cybernetic installation. In collaboration with Ivan Taranin. Photo: Andreas Baudisch.