Sonia Levesque

AI&I is a record of Sonia Levesque’s first year working with artificial intelligence. Co-created with a blend of tools, including GPT-3, AWS Polly and DALL-E, the immersive virtual experience takes the form of audiovisual, text and outpainted artworks. These artefacts document the dawn of a new era for art and machine learning. They are gathered together on a 3D floating vessel in New Art City, a digital gallery space. The XR specialist, who is based in Dover, is dedicated to blending traditional techniques with emerging technologies. It’s an approach characterised by curiosity, experimentation and the pursuit of “truth, freedom and play.” | @hello_levesque

Image Credits: Sonia Levesque, Still from AI&I Virtual Space, New Art City (detail), (2021-2023). VR coordinates 32, 16, -363.