Scott Morgan

The sun’s rays consist of photons – the elemental form of light – and can take anywhere from 10,000
to 100,000 years to reach the surface of the Earth. Scott Morgan’s 10,000 Years envisages this ancient light by using solar radiation to etch onto silver gelatin papers. The resulting “Suryagrams”, named after the Vedic god of the Sun, engage with the relationship between the material and metaphysical. The Vancouver-based multidisciplinary artist takes inspiration from cave drawings, cosmological explorations, petroglyphs and Tantric paintings. The work goes back to the simplest definition of photography: light transforming matter. | @scottmorganart

Image: Scott Morgan, 10,000 Years, Solstice 13 (detail), (2020). 25.4cm x 20.3cm. Unique silver gelatin Suryagram.