Saliha Elhoussaini

Inspired by the complex relationship between the order and disorder found in Chaos Theory, Elhoussaini’s drawings reflect the interconnected universe of natural and man-made systems. Interdependence investigates the notion that simplicity gives rise to complexity through the act of drawing.

Interdependence, 2014. From top left, clockwise:

1. Complete, Incomplete Quadrilaterals 1. 44.5cm x 44.5cm.
2. Over-under Spiral. 44.5cm x 44.5cm
3. Dissolving Grid. 44.5cm x 44.5cm
4. Grid Mist 1. 44.5cm x 44.5cm
5. Interdependence of Order and Disorder 5. 44.5cm x 44.5cm
6. Interdependence of Order and Disorder 7. 44.5cm x 44.5cm