Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones celebrates the sublimity of nature. His paintings, such as A Deeper Meeting, Moonlit Iceberg Off Cape Mercy, Baffin Island, were ignited by a time spent in the Arctic. The UK-based artist explains: “It brought a clarity to my painting and stirred a powerful desire to speak about the fragile
beauty of this astonishing region, itself in such a state of rapid change, but on whose wellbeing we all depend.” Notions of connection, intimacy, wonder and vulnerability come together in haunting acrylic paintings of icebergs, mountains and the moon. Each landscape encourages viewers to be truly present during encounters with the outdoors. | @nick_jones_paintings

Image Credit: Nicholas Jones, A Deeper Presence, Moonlit Iceberg off Cape Mercy, Baffin Island (detail), (2020). Acrylic on canvas, 190cm x 160cm x 4 cm.