Michael McLaughlin

The Port of Wakkanai is Japan’s most northern coastal base – a popular site for offshore fishing and a major transport hub. Ireland-based Michael McLaughlin’s dramatic landscapes detail industrial holding tanks from this vast blue oceanscape. These works, including Blue Silo Hokkaido, convey a sense of unblemished abstraction, imagination and experimentation by obscuring the subject matter. Common vistas are reconfigured with ambiguous shapes, forms and patterns. The artist’s intriguing portfolio describes complex realities of the environment and humanity’s intrusions on it, pulling from natural beauty and the climate crisis.

michaelmclaughlinstudios.com | @michael_mc_laughlin

Image: Michael McLaughlin, Blue Silo Hokkaido, (2020). 4/10 +2APs. Archivalpigment print. Canson Infinity PhotoGloss RC 270gsm. 50cm x 50cm.