Marc Vilanova

Phonos – meaning sound or voice – provides the title for Marc Vilanova’s large-scale installation on the subject. 208 recycled speakers are sent individual signals in the form of infrasonic frequencies: sounds that are too low to be picked up by humans. The structure is unable to reproduce the audio, so instead vibrates and moves, giving shape to invisible forms. Viewers become aware of unimaginable frequencies, embracing the complexity of perception and the senses. Vilanova’s practice is rooted in innovation, digging into visuality, human obsolescence and machine expression to transform public spaces into arenas for conversation. | @marcvilanovapinyol

Image: Marc Vilanova, Phonos, (2020-2022). 208 channel sound, 208 speaker cones, 104 amplifiers, 26 audio interfaces, audio cables, steel, custom software. Photo: Anna Benet. 3m x 5m x 3m.