Katerina Belkina

The Brothers Grimm is known for conjuring up the fantasy worlds of Snow White, Frau Holle and Sweet Porridge. These 19th century stories outline important morals that shape everyday life. Katerina Belkina restages these classic tales in Dream Walkers, examining the psychology of human emotions and relationships. Intangible feelings of despondency, indifference, jealousy and rapture are expressed by figures who play instantly recognisable characters in constructed tableaux. Compositions draw on Belkina’s interest in classical art, with references to Romanticism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood heightened by digital editing.

belkina.art | @thebelki

Image: Katerina Belkina, Cook, Little Pot, Cook, (2021). Fairytale: Sweet Porridge. 180cm x 130cm.