Joanna Cohn

London-based Joanna Cohn is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice embraces painting, printmaking and performance. Her large-scale landscapes mimic the formation of the Earth’s surface through natural and chemical processes, including corrosion, erosion, evaporation and sedimentation. For Pangaea, layers of materials are added and removed, drying at various speeds. Tinges of blue, green and yellow mix subtly, as black lines outline forgotten lands. The resulting composition is highly textual, evoking the appearance of vast mud flats or ancient maps. Cohn’s work illuminates unseen environments and asks what lies beneath. | @jocohnprints

Image Credit: Joanna Cohn, Pangaea (detail), (2020). Etching ink, oil pastel, pastel and wax on paper. 150cm x 1000cm x 0.2cm.