Jan Van Eijgen

Jan Van Eijgen is driven by a fascination with the body. In 2019, he graduated as a physician and now works in ophthalmology. A focus of his educational pursuits were the mechanisms of metabolism, cell structures and fungi. Moulds and yeasts are essential for the survival of almost every lifeform, but there are over 300 poisonous fungus species, making the natural forms equally vital and deadly to life. The duality inspires Van Eijgen’s practice. Speaking about Universe Within, the artist states: “It deals with a parallel world, hidden from view. By nourishing the fungi, I make this world visible and at the same time create a new one.”

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Image Credit: Jan Van Eijgen, Universe Within, (2021). Sugar water sprayed daily on large canvas. Environmental fungus and agarose on woodframe and linnen. 400cm x 400cm x 5cm. Photo: Jan Van Eijgen.