Gérald Foltête

Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Adolescent (1875) tells the tale of Arkady, the illegitimate son of a landowner. He journeys to visit his estranged father but becomes embroiled in a series of conflicts that reveal treachery and political forces. The story unpacks the unpredictability of both human action and the future. Gérald Foltête’s Inconsistency & Obviousness is based on this idea, investigating discrepancies by plunging viewers into infinity. Fragments of paper are scattered in puzzle-like patterns, whilst torn writing samples are pieced back together. The mixed-media installation evokes the complexity of arranging ideas.

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Image Credits: Gérald Foltête, Inconsistency & Obviousness, (2022). Mixed-media. 300cm x 1000 cm.