Christos J. Palios

“We live in increasingly frenetic societies broadcasting endless stimuli, inundating our waking lives and shaping our beliefs.” Greek-American photographer Christos J. Palios’ practice stems from a curiosity about the intersections of memory, connection and identity. Architecture of Gilded Dreams transports viewers from this relentless newsreel, offering a bygone era of early 20th century movie-palaces. Opulent scenes, such as the gold-encrusted hallways illuminated by chandeliers and candelabras, showcase how cinema’s glamour and broad access subverted class distinctions conventionally upheld in classical theatre. | @christosjpalios

Image Credit: Christos J. Palios, Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, (2021). Archival pigment print. 58.4cm x 76.2cm.