Lisa Pettibone

UK-based visual artist, curator and teacher Lisa Pettibone investigates human perception through the language of science, expressing concepts of energy, form, light and tension. Organic materials, such as brass, glass and rocks, are repurposed to record spontaneous natural phenomena that have altered the way people view the universe. Instrument of Thought: A Meditation on Matter and Light, for example, highlights the pull of gravity through movement and lustrous qualities of natural objects. Abstract, fluid white glass shapes form a two-metre mobile, gliding past each other in mid- air to reveal unique ways to view the installation. | @lisa_pettibone

Image Credits: Lisa Pettibone, Instrument of Thought: A Meditation on Matter and Light (2022). Glass, brass, rocks, crystal, mirror, wire. 180cm x 120cm x 120cm. Image ©Lisa Pettibone.