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Responsive Image Making

Assembly is a fresh online art and photography platform engaging with some of the most important social and cultural issues of our time.

Space for Experimentation

‘Where Art Might Happen: The Early Years of CalArts’ offers a bountiful history of the school’s formative decade – from Fluxus to feminism.

The Story of Self Portraits

For Renaissance artists, the mirror was “a teacher.” Natalie Rudd looks at the story of self-portraiture, from early pioneers to contemporary work.

Monochrome Visionaries

Efrem Zelony-Mindell discusses the allure and ever shifting status of black-and-white image making, upon the release of a new photobook.

Working with Nature

Swirls of pink and red. Green and yellow voids. Fragments of wood, fracturing and splintering. These are the works of Daniel Fuchs.

The Shape of Inspiration

“Barbara Hepworth is one of the most important artists of the 1900s, with a unique artistic vision that demands to be looked at in-depth.”

A Trailblazing Light Artist

Kunstpalast celebrates the 90th birthday of Heinz Mack – illuminating seminal environmental art and the artist’s innovative, revolutionary spirit.

Breaking the Mould

A major new touring exhibition promises to shed light on the hidden histories of women’s sculpture worldwide. Aesthetica speaks to the curator.

Towards Preservation

After half of Claudia Andujar’s family were killed in WWII, she dedicated five decades to raising awareness of the Yanomami people in Brazil.

Multi-Layered Narratives

In a 2018 interview with Royal Academy, Tacita Dean stated that she “didn’t care about the long run, caring only about now.” A new show opens.

New Queer Photography

“It would be possible to continue this journey forever.” Benjamin Wolbergs presents a multidimensional portrait of LGBTQIA+ culture.

10 Questions with Héloise Winstone

Find out more about our key speakers ahead of this year’s Future Now symposium. Héloise Winstone tells us about her role and favourite art.

More to the Picture

Portraits reveal truths about the human condition – how we present ourselves to the world. Dawoud Bey explores dialogues between sitter and subject.

Artist Opportunities:
Future Now 2021

At this year’s Aesthetica symposium, speak to industry professionals, hear from global arts organisations and submit your work to awards.

A Piercing Gaze

London-based artist Alias Trate uses surveillance drone footage as part of a new virtual tour, highlighting brightly coloured figurative works.

5 Spring Photography Shows

Fotografiska New York launches a bold spring season, introducing a variety of contemporary and 20th century approaches to image-making.

5 Online Activities: Earth Day 2021

Never has it been more important to consider our relationship with the natural world. Aesthetica curates digital arts resources to explore from home.

Creativity is Essential

Camille Walala unveils a new project at the Design Museum. In collaboration with Bombay Sapphire, the bold, 1980s-inspired space champions new talent.

Destination Art

A new book from Thames and Hudson offers an immersive journey through landscapes across the world – brought to life through site-specific art.

The Story of Aesthetica:
Celebrating 100 Issues

Aesthetica Magazine commemorates the milestone of 100 issues with a dedicated day of innovative masterclasses at Future Now 2021.

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