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Earth Day: 5 Artworks to Know

Discover five images from the Aesthetica archives that amplify environmental issues, from plastic waste to shrinking glaciers and deforestation.

An Otherworldly Landscape

Roberto Pavic’s pictures of Lapland create a sense of having arrived on an alien planet; a place populated by towering, cone-shaped snow creatures.

Family, Migration, Identity

Maryam Wahid explores identity as a young British Pakistani woman, looking at topics of memory and belonging in her solo exhibition Zaibunissa.

Alone, Together

City-dwellers may resonate with the works of Dave Heath, who documented urban isolation and yearning for connection in post-war America.

Extinction Beckons

The Mike Nelson exhibition at Hayward Gallery plays with fiction and truth. The artist constructs a disorienting narrative of distorted, uncanny realities.

Digital Building Blocks

Gábor Molnár’s digital collection evokes wooden building blocks – featuring an arrangement of shapes within architectural spaces and natural landscapes.

Sparking Debate:
In Conversation with Oliviero Toscani

Oliviero Toscani is known for pushing against the mainstream of fashion photography. Ahead of his exhibition, the artist speaks to Aesthetica.

Paradise, Gender and Place

Yuki Kihara’s Australian premiere interrogates and dismantles gender roles and colonial legacies in the Pacific through vibrant and impactful photographs.

Atmospheric Stories

Dominik Podlipniak draws viewers into dark and mysterious narratives. The cinematic images centre around lone figures and flickering lights.

Important Details:
Baldwin Lee in Conversation

Baldwin Lee is regarded as one of the most remarkable photographers of the American South. Here, he speaks to Aesthetica about his new show.

Women Artists to Watch:

Asia Pacific’s largest photo-based fair highlights the work of emerging women photographers, spanning intimate portraiture and surreal still life shots.

Timeless Perceptions

Sarah Sze transforms the Guggenheim’s iconic architecture into a tool for timekeeping, meditating on how humanity marks the passage of time.

Narratives from the Crowd

Christopher Anderson’s close-up work is compelling for its striking tonal palette, which illuminates scenes with a distinctive foggy red and blue tint.

Influence and Legacy

This year’s edition of the Royal Photographic Society’s exhibition features a range of analogue and digital techniques, unpicking modern life.

Engaging with the Past

Award-winning Japanese artists Shiga Lieko and Takeuchi Kota draw on historical events and archival materials to examine the human condition.

Rendering the Everyday

Andreas Gefeller is interested in how photographic technology unlocks new perceptions of recognisable locations around the world.

A New Ecosystem

Chloé Milos Azzopardi, winner of the Aesthetica Editorial Award, tells a “futuristic fable” about how we can reconnect with the natural world.

Art Fairs to Attend this Spring

April marks the start of art, design and photography fair season. These events are staples in the creative calendar. Discover our round-up of five to know.

Storied Journeys

Emma Kalff is an American visual artist based in Colorado. A classically trained oil painter, she layers multiple scenes to create surreal collages. A road trip across the USA inspired a series of works that resulted in her first solo exhibition.

Internet Art:
Connecting the World

Dr. Omar Kholeif’s new book occupies a place where creativity, politics and activism coalesce, made possible by vast networks of cables connecting us.