Opening Tomorrow, Roman Polanski: Actor & Director, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

From 10 November to 8 January 2012, the Centre for Fine Arts will host Roman Polanski: Actor & Director curated by the Łódź Museum of Cinematography. Through photographs showing him as an actor and director, and film posters from all over the world, the show retraces the career of one of the great masters of cinema.

This exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts, which has also shown in Poland, London, São Paulo, and at the Berlinale, is split into two parts. The first part presents photographs that illustrate the great Polish film director’s career chronologically, from his first steps as an actor to images from his latest film Carnage, due for release next month. These images will be accompanied by descriptions written by Polanski himself or by internationally-renowned artists he worked with or for as an actor. Most of the photographs come from film set archives or from the private collections of Polanski’s friends such as Andrzej Wajda, Lina Kostenko, Gene Gutowski and Stanley Nowak.

The second part of the exhibition shows posters of the director’s films from all over the world; USA, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, France and Germany. Forming part of the Łódź Museum of Cinematography collection, these posters highlight the international popularity of the Polish director and his work.

The show also includes sculptures of Polanski created by Pawel Jocz and Waldemar Pokromski alongside videos that clearly recall Polanski’s roles as an actor.

Roman Polanski: Actor & Director continues until 8 January 2012.

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Niewinni Czrodziej Innocent Sorcerers 1960 © Archives Film Museum Lodz
Zaczarowany Rower Enchanted Bicycle 1955 © Archives Film Museum Lodz
Pokolenie (A Generation) 1955 © Archives Film Museum Lodz