Next Generation 2016: Pseudo Documentary

Next Generation: Limitless Visions

Teaming up with London College of Communication for the third year, Aesthetica demonstrates its enthusiasm and support for young photographers in an imaginative edition of The Next Generation collaboration. These artists, earmarked for their original and provocative compositions, are ones to watch out for in the future of photography, photojournalism and documentary imagery. We interview Anne Erhard, German-born photographer and London College of Communication alumnus.

The artist’s work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally. Since leaving LCC this June, she has participated in various group exhibitions, and produced a dummy publication containing her degree show work, shown at a Halftone book event in Brighton. Erhard is currently in the initial stages of a new project dealing with traditions of burial and the materiality of the human body in relation to soil, as well as expanding the ways in which her final degree show piece can be re-worked and shown again.

To see more of her work, pick up a copy of the August/September issue and follow her on Twitter @anne_erhard and Instagram @anneerhard