Next Generation 2015 Interview with Photographer Liz Orton

Next Generation 2015: Future Greats

Contemporary photography is entering a limitless post-analogue phase of innovation. Aesthetica has handpicked a selection of promising young photographers working across documentary, fine art and experimental digital media, in partnership with London College of Communication. These creatives are pushing the limits of photography through cross-platform experimentation. We interview London-based photographer and London College of Communication alumna Liz Orton.

Liz has a background in social research. She is interested in photography’s relationship to change, both theoretically and in practice. Her recent personal photographic work addresses issues of classification and identity, both of nature and people. Liz’s work is founded on a social, documentary impulse, but is also informed by a broader interest in the way photographs function and in relations of looking. She intends her photographs to exist as interventions,  and often employs historical documents and objects in her work. Liz has just completed a long-term collaboration with the Herbarium at Kew Gardens, and also leads participatory photography projects. She has worked with young refugees, visually impaired people, young carers and elders, enabling them to use photography to reflect on and represent their world to others.

To explore more of Liz’s work, visit and pick up the August/September issue of Aesthetica.

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