Modular Design

Modular Design

One of Asia’s leading architecture and design firms, CL3, has collaborated with Lim + Lu on a new furniture range for Cornell University’s renowned College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. Unveiled in late May, the furniture pieces are inspired by the delivery trolleys of New York City, conceptually designed to be flexible and adaptable to a compact urban lifestyle. The project, which is spearheaded by founder of CL3 and AAP graduate, William Lim (B.Arch.1980) alongside Lim + Lu co-founders Vincent Lim (B.Arch. 2012) and Elaine Lu (B.Arch. 2012), is a prime example of alumni giving back to the educational institution that has nurtured them.

Every component has been fabricated in Asia and transported to its new home in the U.S. Kent Kleinman, Gale and Ira Drukier Dean of Cornell AAP commented “Each piece is a hybrid: a modular urban element that functions as a kind of infrastructure, mated to a customised artefact specific to particular programme. Taken together, they are a microcosm of Cornell’s famous lessons in collage urbanism.” CL3 has produced unique designs created out of the context of the mobility of today’s city; minimalist black modules are stylishly punctured by vibrant, block primary colours. Visually eye-catching, they promote the aesthetics and pragmatic ideology of Asian design.

Established by Lim in 1992, CL3 is comprised of 60 professionals is based in Hong Kong, with additional offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Deeply rooted in the principles of Asian design, CL3 blends an intuitive sense of light, balance and proportion with contemporary solutions and innovative materials to produce designs that are versatile, surprising and that sit in harmony with their setting. The project not only reflects CL3’s latest innovations, but its unveiling is also timed to coincide with the 29th annual ICFF platform for global design, where Vincent Lim of Lim + Lu have a booth showing other designs.

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