Mesmerising Skylines

Mesmerising Skylines

Andria Darius Pancrazi is a PhD researcher in English Literature @oxford_uni, specialising in Victorian poetry and teaching French translation. For him, photography and visual arts are an extension of poetry; he creates dreamscapes, that are often accompanied with bits of text, either his, or quotes from classical texts.

His works often focus on hazy, in-between spaces, playing between light and darkness through mesmerising pastel skylines. The photographs look towards a sense of mystery through the temporal mode of twilight, a stage in the day that can grow further into night, or burst into day.

Pancrazi an artist that thrives on suggestion and innuendo, and his bold, summery vignettes reflect this ethos; each image leaves just enough room for the viewer to impose their own references through the sub-textual lines of minimalism and the ethereal everyday.

IG: @pancrazi

1. All images courtesy of Andria Darius Pancrazi.