Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days AW14, London Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days AW14, London Fashion Week

Showcasing an international comprehension of design, Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days were back this season to celebrate their second year at London Fashion Week. Almost functioning as a taster menu the designers were stacked eclectically back to back. The talent came from emerging designers such as: Anna K, Lara Quint, Lera Leshchova, Paskal, Irina Krasilnikova and Yasya Minochkina.

Anna K opened the show with tongue-in-cheek slogan tops, light-weight denims, oversized teddy coats and snug love heart print jackets. Following this was Lara Quint’s, lady-like collection which used voluminous form and folds to create texture and tone. Soft oval shapes came through in the shoulders of shell tops and jackets with sleeves freely skimming the most delicate part of the wrist.

Referencing her architectural background, Paskal scaffolded her collection in lattice cut net. Fuchsias popped, suiting was structured and graphic prints ran throughout. Next up was Lara Leshchova who presented a new take on work wear, in moody violets through to charcoal greys. Vent-like cut outs revealed the female form and densely tangled knits protected it.

Offering the front row a monochromatic pallet, Yasya Minochkina’s pick carried highlights of next seasons king colour, emerald green. Simple sports panelling and efficient turtle necks were paired with optical prints. Despite conflict in their home country these young designers have successfully developed their brands and according personas internationally, giving their collections a wealth of cultural references and press and fan followings alike.

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1. Collection of Paskal. Courtesy of the designer and Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days at London Fashion Week.