Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London

Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London

Following her 2013 solo show at The Hepworth Wakefield, Jessica Jackson Hutchins will exhibit her work at Timothy Taylor Gallery from 31 January to 8 March. Hutchins’ practice is difficult to define, restlessly evolving and engaging with a multiplicity of formal vocabularies, and explores topics from the absurd to the profound, and the personal to the universal. Her work is primarily made out of the ‘stuff in the room’, everyday household items: clothing, furniture and photographs, which bear the marks of time on their worn surfaces and are altered further by Hutchins’ interventions.

Playfulness with materials, language and tone is central to Hutchins’ work and can be seen in her piece, M, N, OH, (2013). In this work, Hutchins takes a found sofa – a reoccurring object in Hutchins’ lexicon – from which she builds a towering wall of plaster, extruding upwards from its cushions. In Pink on the Inside, (2013), an armchair acts as a plinth to an ambiguous prop hunched over the upholstered surface. As with the found objects and their personal histories, the sculptural interventions also carry the history of their own production.

This exhibition also features wall-based works including, Erblaut, (2013) composed of a restretched canvas with various inks, paints and materials permeating the unprimed surface. The boundaries between each discipline bleed into one another; sculptures become plinths, canvasses support ceramic vessels or crumple awkwardly over industrial ladders; and prints are juxtaposed with found objects. This exhibition illustrates Hutchens’ diversity of materials, yet captures the artist’s prime concern with creating the indefinable.

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1. Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Pink on the Inside, (2013). Courtesy of the artist and Timothy Taylor Gallery.