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Future Gardens

Zane Priede asks questions about how plant life might evolve. The result is a dystopia – where uncanny flowers and fruits mutate before our eyes.

A World Full of Wonder

Guest Editions publishes Laura Pannack’s Romanian-folktale-inspired photobook, ‘Youth Without Age and Life Without Death.’ We review the work here.

10 Questions With… Alia Ali

Patterns and textiles are Alia Ali’s main motif; she’s best known for making portraits in which cloth is used to conceal and camouflage her subjects.

The Turner Prize 2023:
Winner Announced

Jesse Darling takes up the award with a sculpture-based exhibition that powerfully explores perceived notions of class, Britishness, labour and power.

Capturing the South

The High Museum of Art brings together a show that examines the complex and critical history of the American South’s culture, character and history.

Architecture Shows: 5 To Know

Aesthetica presents a list of must-see exhibitions from institutions including London’s Design Museum, the National Gallery of Scotland and Vitra.

Caring for Ecosystems

This year’s edition of Noorderlicht Photo brings together image-makers who explore ways we can improve society – both for people and the planet.

Winter Photography Shows

The festive period is approaching and, for many, winter is starting to unfold. Here are five shows that revel in the crisp, bright beauty of the season ahead.

Art and Design: 5 Shows to Know

Material culture tells the story of humankind. Here is a list of exhibitions about how design shapes our everyday lives, and can propose ideas for the future.

Gifts for Art & Culture Lovers

Aesthetica highlights 10 gift ideas perfect for arts and culture lovers this season – including photobooks, magazines and creative experiences.

Layered Horizons

Polish-born photographer Magda Biernat, who is based between New York and Paris, is interested in the oceans and how they connect to one another.

Meaning in Collage

Pictures of coffee cups, mirrors, water jugs and headphones are each folded up and distorted into Jooeun Bae’s deeply personal montages.

Layered Creativity

Collage has a long history, spanning more than 100 years and seeing big change. Julie Cockburn is part of its contemporary story.

Richness of Colour

Andrea Torres Balaguer’s bold photographic portraits could be mistaken for oil paintings, rendered in garnet reds and emerald greens.

Radiant Geography

Rock formations, volcanic geology and verdant foliage are key to Tom Leighton’s photographs, which traverse holographic and gleaming pools.

Beyond Portraiture

Morgan Otagburuagu is standing up against colourism. He amplifies the beauty of darker skin tones with portraits of Black women pioneers.

Message in the Sky

At a time when it can be hard to decipher “real” from “artificial”, Reuben Wu shows us what it is possible to create on location, using light carrying drones.

Crafting a Memory

Es Devlin explodes the status-quo, pushing artistic boundaries between literature, stage and set design in a major New York exhibition spanning 30 years.

Visions of the Future

NGV Triennial calls for collective activity in the face of climate crisis, with John Gerrard’s ominous digital flags reflecting on the impact of the oil industry.

Evocative Storytelling

Polina Washington has a background in film cinematography. Light and colour are key to her work, where a lone sunbeam tells a story.

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