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Refika Salih

Refika Salih is a makeup artist who takes inspiration from The Brothers Grimm fairy tales, in which a character disguised herself as a bird.

Growth and Acceptance

Butterflies encircle faces. Orange balloons float in mid-air. Deep blue leaves engulf bodies. Fares Micue is a self-taught conceptual photographer.

Madeleine Morgan

Madeleine Morgan explores body language, looking at how someone’s physicality may change in response to how they have been told to behave.

Ella Woodcock

Ella Woodcock’s project is about “collective joy”, and is inspired by the places the artist would go to before the pandemic to enjoy music.

Charlotte Ketteridge

Charlotte Ketteridge has designed a new festival informing 16-24-year-olds about the benefits of positive actions and thinking in everyday life.

Zara Ahmed

How often do you ask where your clothes come from? Ahmed’s campaign was created to shed light on issues arising from fast fashion industries.

Sydony Greenwood

Sydony Greenwood has focused on the Hans Christian Andersen version of The Little Mermaid, designing a series of six sets filled with emotion.

Courtney Seymour

“Within my work I empower designing for change.” Courtney Seymour designs a brand of chai tea that donates 25% of its profits to charity.

Carolyn Gordon

Carolyn Gordon has created three contemporary, modern day make up looks based on Greek gods: Poseidon, Aphrodite and Artemis.

Emily Marshall

Emily Marshall’s interest in space travel forms the inspiration for her project; various techniques were used to reflect an understanding of target audiences.

Robyn West

Robyn West’s practice explores the ramifications of the fashion industry and vanity sizing as part of an ongoing cultural investigation.

Niamh Warren

Niamh Warren’a final project is a sculpture, which centres on the human feelings of fear – conjuring alarm bells and the fight-or-flight instinct.

Isabella Inga

Isabella Inga considers the concept of emotional contagion – how empathetic responses can be generated through bold and expressive artwork.

Abigail Hawkes

Abigail Hawkes’ final project produces a form of advertising for a young adult crime fiction novel, This Lie Will Kill You (Chelsea Pritcher, 2018).

Laura Jane Sessions

Laura Jane Sessions’ portfolio is built around archetypal representations of women; she uses prosthetics and sculpture to explore stories.

Caitlin Martin

Caitlin Martin focuses on functionality and the consumer. For her final project, Martin produced the branding for a healthy fast-food delivery service.

Rhiannon Campbell

Rhiannon Campbell’s thorough and focused research underpins her empowering work. She is passionate about human rights and equality.

Sarah Creasey

Sarah Creasey combines a range of physical procedures, such as painting and collage, plus working with digital software programmes.

Zeena Morris

Mixed-media and fibre art and the starting point for any piece made by Zeena Morris. Detailed research is undertaken to explore new technique.

Jade Rawkins

For Jade Rawkins, graphic design is about telling a story. She notes: “I have become passionate about designing graphic props for film and television.”