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Changing Seasons

The process of painting “on the spot” is said to have been pioneered in Britain by John Constable in the early 19th century. What does it look like today?

Collective Movement

Montréal-based photographer Sean Mundy creates minimal, conceptual imagery in which groups of nameless figures gather – and break – formation.

Rewriting the Canon

A new publication from Pompidou Centre realigns the history of abstract art with a focus on the vital, and often overlooked, contributions of women.

Portraits in Nature

During lockdown in New York, strolling in Central Park, Donavon Smallwood captured “candid portraits of Black people at ease in nature.”

Aesthetica Archives:
Urban Abstraction

The number of “megacities” – with over 10 million inhabitants – is projected to rise from 33 in 2018 to 43 in 2030. Five new artists capture urban spaces.

A Hybrid Exhibition

“The pandemic has taught us what the real value of art is.” ING Discerning Eye returns to London and online, highlighting the future of contemporary art.

Industrial Sublime

V&A’s latest exhibition positions ideas of ‘the sublime’ in relation to industry, examining the legacy of humanist photographer Martin Broomfield.

Food as Metaphor

Tina Sturzenegger is a self-taught photographer. Inspired by the “colourful and playful” element of food, she constructs lavish scenes.

Reframing Histories

This year’s Photo Vogue Festival shows us how history is never just about the past. It’s also about the present – and continually subject to revision.

Stories Unearthed

Heather Agyepong and Joanne Coates are the recipients of this year’s Jerwood/Photoworks Awards, capturing forgotten and overlooked stories.

Pivotal Moments

“Life is made up of a series of moments, some of which have the power to shake our foundations.” Martin Kollár presents a poignant yet surreal elegy.

Wearable Artwork

Originally from China and based in the USA, Suyu Chen holds an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her jewellery and wearable objects are inspired by living in different places and experiencing relationships through the lens of her cultural background.

A Vanishing Landscape

As much as 25% of Mongolian land has turned into desert over the last 30 years. Daesung Lee draws attention to a disappearing way of life.

Environmental Legacies

The origins of ecological breakdown are entwined with the legacy of European colonialism. A new show reframes the climate narrative in these terms.

Stylistic Collisions

Kunstmuseum Den Haag explores the cross-cultural influences and complex power dynamics at play in the evolution of dress across the world.

Vibrant Towers

Yorkshire Sculpture Park fills the Weston Gallery with Annie Morris’ rich, towering sculptures, combining play and intimacy.

Nordic Houses

Architect Todd Saunders is responsible for defining much of our sense of contemporary Nordic style. A new book traces his influences.

Contemporary Printmaking

The history of printmaking began in Han Dynasty China. But what does it look like in 2021? A new fair in London showcases the latest approaches.

Interpreting the Past

The 2021 Jameel Prize shortlist comes from around the world – employing different approaches, from fashion to activism, typography and installation.

Climate Action

The 2021 United Nations climate change conference is underway. It’s a pivotal moment. Here are five artists making human impact visible.