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The Mechanics of Fluids:
Navigating the Internet’s Loneliness

We speak to the Emerging Prize Winner of the Aesthetica Art Prize, Gala Hernández López, on her film that explores incel and internet culture.

Beyond Beauty

Fotografiska Berlin’s ‘Virgin Mary. Supermarkets. Popcorn’ is the place to view the must-see work of legendary fashion photographer Miles Aldridge.

In Conversation:
Yinka Shonibare & Hans Ulrich Obrist

Yinka Shonibare returns to London for his first public solo exhibition in over 20 years. Learn more about his journey, practice and hopes for the future in this interview.

Experimental Botany

Over 180 years since Anna Atkins’ pioneering cyanotypes were published, artists are still grappling with how to depict organic shapes and forms.

Documentary Photography:
Shows To See This Season

Embark on a visual journey with these five exhibitions, which spotlight documentary photographers who prompt us to look at the world with fresh eyes.

A Major Retrospective:

Few artists have made a more profound impact on performance art than Austrian-born VALIE EXPORT. Now, she’s getting the recognition she deserves.

Agents for Change

We speak to Ayrton Mendes, also known as SAM, about his shortlisted video work, Ayaba – Rainha – Queen, a finalist of the Aesthetica Art Prize.

Extraordinary Encounters:
Photographs to Discover

Chance encounters. Uncanny experiences. Discover 10 photographer from our Art Prize that create images to make sense of a rapidly changing world.

Playful Anachronism

Photographer Romina Ressia revives Renaissance and Baroque portraiture with a contemporary twist by giving 21st century props to 17th century sitters.

A Flooding World

Aesthetica interviews Nick Brandt ahead of his exhibition ‘Sink / Rise’, a series that portrays the effects of rising sea levels in South Pacific Islands.

The Power of Place

Worcester Art Museum presents a show dedicated to landscape photography, with impactful work from Dawoud Bey, Meghann Riepenhoff and Penelope Umbrico.

Wall of Nature

Under Vietnamese photographer Viet Ha Tran’s lens, a living wall becomes something else entirely. Her pictures are like stepping into a hallucination.

Interdisciplinary Textures:
5 Films from the Art Prize

Moving image offers up captivating experiences, inviting us to lean into new worlds. In this round-up, we highlight 5 artists’ films from the Art Prize.

Sustainable Practice:
Klima Biennale Wien

In response to the urgency of the climate crisis, Vienna launches “the first ever climate-focused art festival in the world,” promising innovation.

Vessels for Colour

Franco Fontana is a master of colour, whose work is instantly recognisable for bold, eye-catching cityscapes of Ibiza, Havana and Los Angeles.

Abstraction: The April / May Issue

We must unplug, disconnect and savour the things that bring us joy – from the macro to the micro. Inside this issue we explore these ideas further.

Towards Abstraction 

Light, shadow, form and composition are the central elements of Jessica Backhaus’ practice, stripping photography back to its core tenets.

Joyful Contrasts 

Sarah Doyle plays with visual harmony. Torn paper, wooden sticks and cut-out circles pop against colourful block-painted backgrounds.

Memory Illuminated 

The current Dan Flavin retrospective in Basel demonstrates how a simple fluorescent tube
could make a radical impact on the art world.

Building the Image 

Colourful lights are projected onto various household objects, transforming cluttered spaces into entirely different compositions.