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5 UK Gallery Reopenings

Museums in London and across the UK are announcing plans to reopen to the public after a period of prolonged closure. Discover five shows.

Into the Imaginary

Rachel Louise Brown is Photo Director at Harper’s Bazaar and a photographer who observes the world as a stage, exploring unfamiliar places.

Films About Transformations

Watch films from Aesthetica Film Festival’s video library. These selected shorts reflect on moments of personal change, development and renewal.

Deconstructed Façades

Mariyan Atanasov transforms Sofia’s buildings into Tetris-like constructions – removing, editing and rearranging sections of buildings in pale skylines.

Aesthetica Archives:
Documentary Photography

Discover image-makers expanding upon the definition of documentary through architectural images, portraits and conceptual visual projects.

Creative Expansion

Now is the time to get creative, learn and connect with arts and culture. Hereford College of Arts is launching new MA courses and an online show.

Contemplative Storytelling

Buenos Aires-born, London-based artist Jazmin Donaldson explores storytelling within painting. Key influences include the richly-textured world of fairy tales and myths – she re-purposes known motifs to tell contemporary stories. Donaldson is particularly interested in women’s role in society.

A Dystopian Vision

Eric Ogden is is a Michigan-born photographer and director. His latest series, Collapse, was shot across Brooklyn during lockdown.

Layers of Meaning

Abstract artist Paul Brown expresses a love of colour, line and layers through his varied practice. In each piece, he adjusts the space on the canvas, offering endless vibrant possibilities and interactions between shapes. The works delve into the subconscious – seeing an image through to its resolution.

Reframing Isolation

Informality Gallery launches an artist spotlight for Tamara Dean. The online selection provides “an antidote” – drawing energy from nature.

5 Artist Interviews
to Watch Online

Aesthetica collates five videos to watch and YouTube channels to browse – offering insights direct from some of the world’s leading creatives.

Films about Place

Watch 5 short films from the Aesthetica Shorts Film Festival Archives. These works examine our changing relationship with the landscape.

Bold Moves

Endless is a renowned street artist who started out using London’s walls as a canvas. A new virtual gallery opens online, showcasing bold work.

A Sense of Place

Bristol Photo Festival’s inaugural edition creates a space to reconsider social and historical landscapes in the city and around the world.

From the Golden Age

Renata Dutrée’s images reference the light and symbolism of the Golden Age, exploring concealment through spilt objects or falling petals.

Aesthetica Archives:
Environmental Art and Design

The Anthropocene is a new geological age defined by humanity’s impact. Aesthetica highlights artists asking questions about the climate crisis.

Aesthetica Art Prize:
5 Installation Artists

Installations transform space, encouraging audiences to see the world in a new way. Discover five artworks from a new generation of artists.

Exploratory Forms

Milan-based Debora Barnaba originally studied drawing and painting. She later embraced photography, for which she has won numerous awards. Her images express the power of self-portraits, with bodies that are controlled and subverted in favour of the photographic lens.

High Contrast

Malick Kebe is a photographer and curator putting Abidjan on the creative map through bold, high-contrast images filled with energy.

Aesthetica Art Prize:
5 Video Artists

We highlight five Artists’ Films exploring ideas surrounding protest, race, new technologies, conformity and the natural landscape.

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